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Body and Soul Day Spa GB 413-528-6465

We are open every day - including Sundays! Offering Facials, Massages, Pedicures, Manicures, Spa Packages and more . . .

Since 1987, our day spa in the heart of the Berkshires has been a place that offers a respite from the fast paced demands of every day life. Our healing and luxurious services support your natural inner beauty and innate tranquility. While your soul is being pampered, your mind is soothed.

Our superb staff provides you with the ultimate in therapeutic massage and essential skin and body care. Professional, courteous, and warm – you'll always be welcomed at this oasis in the Berkshires on the fringe of Great Barrington. Our services are soul-satisfying and delightful.

Distinguished by the deep green pines that surround it, Body & Soul is an oasis where you can quench your need for peace, and take a break from your busy schedule. From beauty treatments to relief from pain, Body & Soul Day Spa relaxes and revitalizes you. Best of all, you don't have to commit to a week, several days, or even an entire day to benefit from the holistic touch of our world-class practitioners. Just one or two hours has an amazing effect on your well -being and sense of happiness.

Gratuities paid in cash are appreciated.

"My massage therapist was excellent! She focused on exactly what I asked for & helped me to understand what I was feeling(physically). Best massage ever-feel better than I have in years!"
Alisa Lessing

"My weekend in the Berkshires doesn't start until I get a massage from Body and Soul. It's my home away from home where I turn off my cellphone and relax. Best massages from the nicest people."
A. R. Sheffield and Long Island

"The massage took away my neck & arthritis pain. The second service, a facial, finished me off! It was an out of body experience - fantastic!"

"Body and Soul is the great escape, the place to get away when I cannot get away. Stephen Marshall combines masterful knowledge of body mechanics with his own brand of magic; Doone (herself the area's top esthetician) and her team just make me feel welcome, from the moment that warm, herb-filled neck pillow goes on as I step through the door."
Margaret Roche